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Thursday, May 30, 2013

doTERRA Essential Oil Inventory Reduction Sale

SlimSassy15mlWhy am I having a sale?

My son enjoys being a Boy Scout and is working around the house to do extra chores in return for his first Boy Scout Camp experience. He is anxious to earn a bunch of merit badges so he can earn his Eagle award.

However, some unexpected bills (evacuating during the Black Forest Fire) came up that have a higher priority. So, we are are selling our extra essential oils at our cost in order to generate the money he needs for camp quickly.

To order, email me at springsgardner at gmail dot com or use the Paypal buttons below. If you live in my area, you may pay with cash or I will send you a paypal invoice so you may pay with credit/debit card.

 If you live outside my area, email me your order or use the paypal buttons below. If you choose to email me, I will send you a PayPal invoice when I receive your message- NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED. I'll send your order the business day after your payment clears.Shipping costs on personal website
# available Sale price Retail Price
AromaTouch 4 28 34.67
Basil 1 21 26.67
Bergamot 1 29 36.67
Clarysage 1 39 48.67
Coriander 3 28 34.67
Deep Blue 2 34 42.67
Deep Blue Roll on 4 69 85.33
Deep Blue Rub 4 31 39
Digestzen 3 33 41.33
Elevation 2 40 49.33
Frankincense 8 75 93
Grapefruit 2 17 21.33
Lemon 2 11 13.33
Lemongrass 2 11 13.33
Melissa 1 123 153.33
Myrrh 3 56 69.33
Oregano 1 26 32
Purify 2 19 24
Rosemary 1 15 18.67
Slim and Sassy 8 26 32.67
Vetiver 1 37 46

essential oil inventory as of 2013 22 June

Saturday, April 13, 2013

doTerra Essential Oils of Southern Colorado

Friday, January 11, 2013

doTerra Essential Oils

 What Motivates People to start their doTerra business?

There are many reasons why people decide to join the doTerra company or use their products. A lot of people want to take care of their health, but want to avoid the side effects that come with over the counter (OTC) and pharmaceutical drugs. They also want to avoid going to the doctor for every little illness, practice preventative medicine, and more.

I am among the group of people I mentioned above. I got tired of paying co-pays only to find out that we have a cold instead of strep or the flu. I've also been told that I have hormone imbalances and lupus. I went down the path of trying to treat the imbalances using prescription drugs. Instead of feeling better, I became more depressed and reclusive. My problems weren't solved let alone improved.

Recently, I began to feel deeply depressed again and wanted a natural solution. I decided to try essential oils. After doing some research, I chose to use doTerra's essential oils because the company certifies that they put the oils through some rigorous tests to ensure quality and they refuse to add filler ingredients that decreases the potency (many oils found in stores have fillers) and shelf life.

doTerra has an entire page dedicated to explaining the quality and testing of their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, so I won't go in depth in this post.

At this point, you probably wonder why a post like this is on a work at home mom blog. Well, I decided to sign up as an independent personal consultant, or IPC. I did this so that I can get the oils at wholesale prices. Then, I found out that I can set up an monthly autoship order, also called a loyalty rewards order, which can be adjusted any time until 24 hours before it ships. I accrue points, which turns into FREE oils.

Sharing my doTerra Story

At first, I wasn't planning on doing anything with doTerra beyond my monthly order. I already had income from my husband's job, the other sites I've written about, and as from being a Pampered Chef consultant.

As I used the oils, I developed my own success stories that I naturally wanted to share with my friends. They, in turn, wanted to set up their own IPC accounts to get the wholesale prices and free oils that come with the loyalty reward orders.

Just this week, I had a friend sign up. All I did was tell her how pleased I was with the results my family experienced since I started using essential oils. We talked about which oils she wanted. She signed up to be an IPC and bought an essential oil kit at a discount (when compared to purchasing the products individually or at retail price without signing up) so she could avoid the $30 start up fee.

The most popular kit is the The Family Physician® and Slim & Sassy® Enrollment kit because it includes the IPC Introductory Packet, Family Physician Kit, and Slim & Sassy Essential Oil and it is the least expensive kit.

More information about the Family Physician Kit is half way through the page on the doTerra website.

Do you like getting tips about essential oils? Visit my Facebook page Becky Gardner doTERRA IPC

doTerra Classes

doTerra classes are designed to share product information and personal stories about the oils and other products. Unlike many in-home business parties, such as Pampered Chef, there is no pressure to reach a certain sales threshold during the class. When IPCs share their story and sincerely want to help other people, those who are interested will join right away while others may need to need a few oil experiences.

At one class, we made some all purpose cleaners using our favorite oils. Everyone got to take some home. At another, I passed around my oils and let everyone smell it. If they so chose, I let them try a drop or two as well.

It is also important to let people smell the oils so they can see which ones they like. So, IPCs either get sharing kits or bring their own oils.

You can also sell oils at the classes since many people just one one or two oils. You buy them at whole sale prices and sell them at retail prices on the spot. Retail prices are a 25% mark up from wholesale.

However, if you don't want to have an inventory or you want to have long term income, you'll want people to sign up as an IPC.They'll want to sign up rather than spend retail prices- just like they would at Sams Club or CostCo.

How to earn with doTerra

When people sign up as an IPC, I get 20% of whatever they order during the first 60 days. This is called the fast start bonus. I'll continue to earn commission after the 60 days (that's explained a few paragraphs down).

One of the features I like about this business is that its main products are consumable, meaning people will want to order regularly.

I also like the company structure for those people who want to earn more than a free oils. doTerra is set up to encourage you to build your downline because you actually earn more as you help all the levels below you to succeed- not just the people you personally recruit.

In the graphic below, you'll see that when 3 people enroll below you, your paycheck will have a $50 bonus as long as they are active and your team volume is 600 PV. When they each have 3 people who sign up you'll get a $250 bonus per month. When the second generation signs up three people, you'll get $1500 bonus per month. The key is the the three people in each level, including you, need to purchase $100 worth for the bonuses to kick in.

This next graphic goes into further detail about doTerra's compensation plan. You'll see that you'll get a greater percentage from the deeper the generations because you helped the people you personally recruited to be leaders as well as become familiar with the products.

You must be active to earn a percentage of your downline orders. For each generation, you get a different percentage of their orders once they are outside of the first 60 day window. You get 2% from the first generation, 3% from the second, 5% from the third and forth, 6% from the fifth and sixth, and 7% from the seventh generation.

You also get $150 the first time your front line members earn elite status for the first time.

When you reach the level of a silver, you start earning shares in the leadership pool. Silver, Gold and Platinum share 2% of the company's profits while the Diamonds share 1%.

Average MONTHLY Earnings Per Rank (not including Fast Start bonuses)

Manager: $30-$70
Director: $50-$100
Executive: $70-$200
Elite: $100-$400
Premier: $100-$600
Silver: $700-$1,500
Gold: $1,500-$4,500
Platinum: $5,300-$800
Diamond: $7,800-$15,000
Blue Diamond: $16,000-$30,000
Presidential Diamond: $44,000-$83,000

Team Meetings

In my area, the Diamond level people hold a meeting once a month to educate the IPCs about the new and old oil products. They do spend some time helping us learn how to grow our businesses as well. doTerra's business model encourages the local leadership to include those who are from other teams by making it hard for leaders to steal IPCs from other IPCs. This is good because we live in a society that is very mobile and it increases the opportunities for IPCs that move to still experience success.


Whether you just want to take charge of your health and use essential oils at wholesale prices and/or earn money from sharing doTerra Essential Oils with your friends, doTerra is a legitimate company. I recommend this opportunity as a no pressure multilevel marketing company.

If you are interested in doTerra as a business opportunity, I recommend that you look at the company's information page. The page provides just about everything you may want to know before signing up including company history, the testing procedures, the products, and business model. Then, enroll for a wholesale account, build your own story, then share. Before you know it, you'll also have a residual income and a product you love!

Visit the facebook page Becky Gardner doTERRA IPC for tips for using oils and testimonials.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Using ClickBank to Create Ads for Your Blog

Have you thought about earning money by doing affiliate marketing? If you are, one of the easiest sites to use is ClickBank. You can promote many different vendors and they pay you a percentage of their earnings.

The advantage for them is they can spend more time making products while you do the leg work for advertising and bringing them sales for the products they have already developed.

The advantage for you is that you can earn money by promoting their products. In some of my other blogs, I have added links inside my articles to related keywords to products. For instance, if I wanted to promote the Mediterranean diet or lifestyle, I would highlight those words and link them to a product based on those keywords as you can see in this sentence. I can also add advertisements that look like Google Adsense ads.

I have created some youtube tutorials to show you how to do this. The first one tells you how to make tabbed ads on ClickBank. The second tells you how to make text ads.

If you liked what you learned from my tutorials, you should know that I got my ideas for this and many other blog publishing training tactics from Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that trains blog publishers who want to earn money from their blogs and other internet activities. While that isn't the main reason many of us blog or go online, it does help people to learn how to earn money from doing what they'd do anyway.

In fact, you will learn how to make and maintain a thriving online business. The university teaches you how to work with the changes that Google and other major companies make so that you can get the exposure you need to keep traffic coming your way.

When you sign up, you'll have access to more than 500 training modules and videos. Each week, there are live webinars that you can participate in by asking questions and hearing the questions of others who have chosen to participate. At the time of this post, Wealthy Affiliate also offers free unlimited web hosting, meaning that you can store as much content as you need for as many sites as you own.

You're probably asking how you can afford an online university. I've given you the tools through the other jobs on this site such as SwagBucks, iRazoo, Fusion Cash, InboxDollars, MTurk, and more.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Hit Xchange

So you want to increase the traffic to your site to increase sales and/or referrals. It is free, but is this the site you want? Will you make money from your efforts here?  How does a site like this work?
To quote the site:
Each site you view rewards you with a visitor to your website. You can surf as much as you want and receive unlimited free traffic to your website.
This site wasn't designed to help you earn money. You can earn 30 cents after visiting 1000 sites in one 24 hour period.

The only reasons I would suggest a site like this is to
  1. Increase the traffic to your site. If you have adsense or some other advertising, you could earn money with increased visits. (I'm pretty sure this violates your agreement with Google)
  2. Increase the odds that one of your visitors will sign up for whatever you are promoting, e.g. FusionCash.
How do they make money? By getting you to upgrade your membership. The details are in the graphics below. At the time of this post, I am choosing not to upgrade. I was trying to promote several sites I work for. There were many Clixsense ads while I was viewing today.

I set up 15 sites, one banner, and one text link without much effort. Some were from my blogs while others were referral links to places I work for. I assigned credits to my sites easily, too. I visited 226 sites today and earned no referrals, just a few cents using adsense on my blogs. When the timer is done for each site, there's a captcha where you match the pictures. Unlike ClixSense, which requires your devoted attention, you can multitask. You can switch tabs on our browser, programs on your computer, etc. The Captcha looks like this:

Then, after each group of 25 sites, you'll see a captcha that looks like this, only larger:

If you get it right, you get a 10 credit bonus.

There are other bonuses after you visit certain numbers of sites. For instance, after 250 sites, you site says you get:
This is in place to encourage surfing, just as rewards are given every 25 pages surfed. The 25 pages surf rewards, and 250 pages surf rewards are dependent upon the number of sites you have surfed within a single day.
How do you get paid on Free HitXchange?
As you can see from the above graphic, you can use the money to buy account credits, banner impressions, and/or text link impressions.
Do I recommend this site?
It depends on what you hope to get out of it. If you hope to get a bunch of referrals, you probably won't get many, especially if your ads are the same or too similar to the ads being shown. Pages like InstantCashSweepstakes, iRazoo, SwagBucks, FusionCash, InboxDollars were far and few between while I was on today.I felt like I was seeing the same ads over and over again. Either these people work for the same companies or there aren't many people on this site so I'm seeing their ads over and over again.

More importantly, after using this FreeHitXchange, my site was bombarded by hits from a bot for days on end. Each hit was only seconds apart.

To support my point of view: A mentor of mine named Carson, from the Wealthy Affiliate University, said this about traffic exchanges:
You will most likely not receive any sign-ups because the traffic that they are sending to [your site here] is not REAL people. The kind of people that are being sent from these kinds of scams are really just computers. If you have paid for this service I strongly suggest that you get a refund.

Internet marketing and online business success cannot be "bought". Being a member here at WA will quickly help you realize that what works and what doesn't. Buying bulk traffic like this will never work for you.

. . . most likely where these server farms are that are sending the traffic.

 If you want traffic, you'll get it.
I also did a review on EasyHits4U, a very similar site. Like this site, EasyHits4U doesn't require your full attention. You could "surf" on both sites at the same time.

Another option is ClickBank Ad Rotator

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