Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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Hi everyone! I am so excited to share something with you: A direct link to the app for SBTV mobile! I looked all day long for this app since I bought a generic tablet. Then, I got onto SwagBuck's Facebook wall and posted a question. I got a link for a direct download to avoid the android market, it expired, so I'm adding a new one. If it becomes a dead link, please comment below. Thank you. I got my most recent link for SBTV mobile from http://sites.google.com/site/swagin101/ 
Why did I want SBTV mobile?
  • You can earn 50 SB per day in addition to regular SBTV
  • The app is automated, so you don't have to have a stylus to move to the next video.
The android market said my tablet was incompatible with this app, yet it works smoothly.

BlueStacks and SBTV Mobile

Thanks to an awesome anonymous commenter, I wrote another letter to SwagBuck's Compliance Department. specifically asking about the use of SwagBucks Mobile TV and BlueStacks

Letter 2 Here is my most recent letter (April 2012)
I want to know if using Blue Stacks to use SBTV mobile is against Swagbucks'' compliance policy. An immediate response would be appreciated because I don''t want to cause any problems. Thank you!

Their response:
The use of Blue Stacks violates our Terms of Use and can result in a permanent deactivation.

In addition, please refrain from using unauthorized software like an auto-reload or bot to assist you in viewing SBTV.

Letter 1- (January 2012) I asked SwagBucks if it is ok to do what I presented previously about using BlueStacks.  Here's my letter to them:

My DH has an iPhone and I have a droid tablet. While I was setting up my droid tablet to do SBTV mobile, I found out about a program that lets him do droid programs on the PC such as Angry Birds and SBTV mobile app. We want to know if using the app on the PC would be grounds for disqualification. We prefer not to find out the hard way (DQ) and thought it best to ask first. Thank you!

Also, my friend was telling me that it would be best to access my account from only one computer. Is it a problem to access it from multiple computers in my house? Thank you again!

I received the following answer:
Any person age 13 and older may open an account with Swag Bucks and enjoy its services as long as they are the sole operators of that account without sharing.

You may share a computer but you may not share accounts.

Multiple accounts by a single member, sharing of accounts or other violations of our terms of use can result in deactivation of all shared accounts.

Also, as long as you don't exploit SBTV, our search engine or other service, you should be fine on whatever platform you use Swag Bucks..

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